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The Ultimate SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training

$129.99 $12.00

4.88 (12 reviews)


What you’ll learn

  • MASTER Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads & Retargeting
  • Step by step SEO guidance to GET 10k to 100k FREE Visitors monthly
  • Blueprint to MASTER 210 SEO factors using our tried and tested “How to – learning by doing” approach
  • Tap into a STREAM OF NEW CLIENTS & BOOST YOUR PROFITS using PROVEN Social Media Strategies
  • Learn how to easily create a professional looking, responsive website on WordPress (No coding required!)
  • MASSIVELY EXPAND CUSTOMER REACH with Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads insider knowledge
  • This course will make you a No1 Digital Marketing Expert – choose to work freelance or land that highly paid job
  • Become a Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Retargeting & Remarketing MASTER
  • Make Local Search Engine Optimisation & Google my Business (Google Maps) work for YOUR business
  • Understand SEO WordPress Yoast and the Google Search Console configuration
  • MASTER Proceed on-page, content & image SEO, Implement Rich Snippets, etc…
  • Become an EXPERT copywriter with the power to CONVERT browsers into buyers
  • Get fluent in User experience & Reputation management
  • MODERN STRATEGIES to get you numerous High-Quality backlinks (Including Wikipedia)
  • LEARN powerful SEO & Social Media strategies that pro marketers use
  • Optimise your Facebook page for SEO & SMO
  • Optimise your YouTube channel for SEO & SMO
  • Optimise SEO & SMO for your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimise your Pinterest account for SEO & SMO
  • MASTER Video SEO & learn YouTube SEO tricks of the trade
  • MASTER Mobile SEO & UX Signals
  • INCREASE C-T-R and Use Featured Snippets
  • MASTER the art of VIRAL VIDEO CREATION with professional input by a creator with experience producing content for household names
  • UPSKILL YOURSELF by becoming proficient in the creation of engaging video content – the MOST IN-DEMAND skill required by recruiters today!
  • GET POWERFUL VIDEO EDITING GUIDES & BONUS VIDEO EDITING SUPER-HACKS to create professional looking, highly shareable videos
  • HANDY WALKTHROUGHS to Adobe Premier Pro, DJI OSMO, and Rode microphone to help you produce Video content that gets thousands of likes, clicks and shares using ONLY YOUR SMARTPHONE!

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“I have been enjoying the course! It’s very straight forward and clear. I love the step by step processes in your Digital Marketing Course. I now have a job in a digital marketing company! I’m working as a copywriter and account manager for a team of developers and graphic designers! I’m currently working for Puerto Rico’s Swimming Federation, writing 2 blog posts and 16 social media posts every month, and get extra income as the account manager! Thank you so much for the knowledge and help throughout the course! You have been very helpful in my path to great success!” Gabriel

“This Digital Marketing Course is so detailed, animated and the professionalism is really compelling. The effort and detail that is so evident throughout the course is so encouraging. There is such a well rounded approach to course material and each lesson truly adds value to the learner. This is definitely worth every penny and I’d pay for it twice :). Really happy with the course-work and knowledge gained!” Taslynn

“Thank you for the continual updates… this Digital Marketing Course is SO much better than I was expecting, and MUCH more comprehensive than I realized it would be…” Mark

“I never thought that I can find a teacher like Tomas. The Best Digital Marketing Expert. Dear Tomas helps his students by heart. I am pleased to be your student. With no doubt. You have  opened my eyes on lots of things, especially with Facebook that I never thought of. I have a lot of fun learning new ideas and principles that is really helpful. Useful. But the main thing is that I worked on Facebook ads before and had a lots of successful ads with good quality ranking, but I can tell you that when I am following your intelligent strategies, I feel that I knew nothing about Facebook ads or related topics. I am right now reviewing the lessons constantly and applying these great ideas on my future projects. Thank you from my heart and I wish you all the best to you and your family. Only Request: Please keep updating and posting new contents because we are so hungry :)” Zakaria

“He’s amazing… Still… I’m loving the Digital Marketing Course. Covers everything, easily, with great resources and it has been continually updated. Couldn’t ask for more. Fabulous.” Julia

“Hi Tomas, I purchased your course on Udemy -“The Ultimate SEO,SM & DM Mastery”. I’ve only just gone through the first 2 hours or so but the amount of effort you and the team put in is so evident and inspiring. And the course material is excellent too – you clearly are one of the best digital marketing teachers on Udemy. And I’m saying that because I’ve purchased pretty much all the popular courses on Udemy, but yours is a class apart. While everyone else just talks about the basics, you are not afraid to dive deep and I admire that. I will leave a good review on Udemy as well but I just wanted to let you know personally as well. Best wishes. Happy to be connected with you on LinkedIn.” Sahil

Can you afford to keep wasting money on ineffective ad strategies that drain your budget? Sick of staying stuck in a dead-end job that’s underpaid and going nowhere? Want to upskill so you can switch career? Maybe you’d like to grow your business faster?

UNLOCK THE FULL POWER OF GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, Bing, and Yahoo! with POWERFUL SEO TECHNIQUES, including 187 SEO Tools, 210 SEO Ranking Factors, SEO Keywords, SEO Copywriting, UX SEO, Website Creation, WordPress SEO Yoast, WordPress Security, Local SEO, Voice SEO, Visual SEO, E-Commerce SEO, Snippets SEO, SEO Backlinks, SEO Wikipedia, SEO RankBrain, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google Ads, Google Ads Editor, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Business Manager, LinkedIn Ads, Newsletter Marketing, Press Release Marketing, Blog Marketing, Content Marketing, TikTok Marketing, YouTube Marketing including VIDEO MARKETING, VIDEO SEO and VIDEO Creation….

This is my most updated 2021 Ultimate Mastery Course! Now you also get my ultimate guide to professional Video Creation Mastery, which allows you to harness the power of video to market your business, using only your smartphone! Freshly updated with 172  questions and The Best of Digital Marketing Animated Video.

Hi, I’m Tomas Moravek, and in 2016 I was awarded the Internet Efficiency Award for my Social Media Marketing Strategy. Now I’m here on Udemy, with my exclusive, comprehensive course designed to take you from novice to expert in digital marketing.

With this course, I’ve really gone the extra mile, hiring a professional video content creator with experience producing ads for Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, Lays, and Red Bull. Now you can easily learn how to create powerful, professional looking videos with viral potential, that will massively expand your follower engagement and customer reach, using only your smartphone.

I learned the hard way what to do – and what to avoid when it comes to digital marketing and SEO strategies, on the web, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM…

With this course I’m offering you all my knowledge so you can avoid these mistakes and instead follow a blueprint to success that won’t see you wasting your time, energy, or ad budget.

My driving motivation for making this course, is my passion to share with others, so I can see them grow in their skillset and mastery using my knowledge. I get enormous satisfaction from the feedback my many satisfied students give me.

This course will help you do digital marketing right. Put in just a bit of effort and you’ll swiftly become proficient in SEO, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, YouTube, Video content creation, and so much more. With it, you’ll learn how to promote your business and quickly expand your reach.

With my help, you’ll be able to avoid making costly mistakes, and you’ll save time too, because I’ll be giving you only tried and tested techniques that have been proven to work many times over.

These days, digital marketing can turn around your financial situation – if you know how to do it right. I’ll be sharing with you many strategies and tools that will help you achieve success, including my latest addition, a complete guide to mastering Video Creation and SEO for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Video content creation can be a powerful tool. It’s the world’s most popular content medium, shared 1200% more on social media than any other content type.

Just one well-made video could turnaround your business, bringing you a slew of new customers, boosting your sales, social media followers and sign ups, and helping you hit those all-important first page spots on Google and YouTube.

There’s a TON of money out there that could be in YOUR bank account, and my Digital Marketing, SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Video Creation Mastery guides can help you tap into this rich stream of income.

You need to avoid the bad advice and use the proven, tried and tested techniques that make the pros money. I’ll help you do his, in fact, that’s the reason I created this course!

You will need to put in the work, but I can assure you, if you do, and if you follow my powerful social media marketing strategies, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS.

These are techniques that have been PROVEN TO DELIVER – thousands of times over.

I created this comprehensive course to take complete novices with no knowledge of SEO, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM & MESSENGER ADS, YOUTUBE, SOCIAL MEDIA, VIDEO CREATION, or DIGITAL MARKETING and turn them into Digital Marketing MASTERS.

This course is a real passion of mine, so I constantly update and improve it. Lifetime updates and access are included automatically when you enrol, so you’ll always be able to access the latest, most relevant Digital Marketing knowledge and strategies.

My Ultimate Digital Marketing Mastery course is designed to help you succeed no matter what level of skill you are at, even if you are a complete novice. By enrolling, you’ll learn all my winning strategies, and will have the knowledge you need to succeed at SEO, FACEBOOK ADS, VIDEO CREATION, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, SOCIAL MEDIA, and DIGITAL MARKETING.

I’ve spent years developing and testing out these strategies. Many of my former course students will enthusiastically attest to their effectiveness and are now using them to unlock profitable streams of income via social media and the web.

After completing my course, you’ll be able to join them. With it, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to dramatically increase your SALES & PROFITS, boost growth, expand your market reach and attract NEW CUSTOMERS.

Learn Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Messenger Ads, and YouTube techniques that boost your conversion rates and obtain powerful SEO strategies that get your business FOUND.

Become an expert content creator and effective copywriter with the power to persuade and discover how to create the type of magnetic and “VIRAL” YOUTUBE AND FACEBOOK ADS video content that gets everyone talking.

Learn POWERFUL VIDEO CREATION TECHNIQUES using only your smartphone!

✔ Video is so important to your marketing strategy because it’s the fastest growing and most shared type of content out there. By 2022, over 80% of all global content shared will be video.

✔ 79% of consumers say they’d prefer to view a video to learn about a product than read text on a webpage. With my course, you’ll become fully proficient in professional video creation and editing, with expert input from an experienced industry insider, who I’ve hired to help create material for my course.

✔ You’ll learn how to use DJI Osmo and RODE microphone to keep your videos smooth and your sound ultra-clear.

✔ You’ll learn the essential editing techniques needed to polish your productions with Adobe Premier Pro. You’ll get hours of royalty free music that you can use to enhance your creations and you’ll also learn how to optimise your Video SEO and effectively market your videos for maximum engagement.

✔ There is NO OTHER DIGITAL MARKETING ALL IN 1 COURSE currently on the market that covers video marketing, video SEO, and Video Content Creation in so much depth and detail.

This is my most comprehensive Digital Marketing Course, ram packed with 65 hours of training, strategies, advices, assignments, blueprints, summaries, To-Do lists and handy step by step guides, plus I can guarantee you that even more EXCITING UPDATES are coming every month.

With Lifetime access and updates, and a 30-day money-back refund guaranteed, there’s NOTHING TO LOSE and UNLIMITED PROFIT to unlock.

I’ve updated this course with an improved curriculum and far better and more efficient organisation. See what my 17,000+ satisfied students say about it:

“This is an awesome course. I am searching for too long on Udemy to find something that combines all of them together like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Copywriting, and more. The Teacher is very professional and loves his jobs, and this is…

12 reviews for The Ultimate SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing Training

  1. Luis Brito

    I can definitely see this course helping breaking through that initial barrier when it comes to learning a programming language. I’m positive I’ll finish it and hopefully master python by then.

  2. Abdallah Galal Abouhussein

    I would like to share my personnel experience, i`m very pleased and happy for taking this impressive course because Dr. Angela always makes it simple and easy to understand and always makes a precaution section before or after any bug that may appear to some students and also write or record the solution for us, and each word she said is very real and easy to understand.
    Thanks Dr. Angela
    Abdallah Galal

  3. Jiaqing Fan

    Very good course. Dr Angela explains things very clearly. The exercises are interactive and helpful.

    Angela’s voice is like ASMR in most lessons. So you won’t lose focus?

  4. Jaime Sánchez Blanco

    Every concept is very well explained so you can assimilate it, and the teacher insists in practicing daily to get the habit of programming. It really motivates to keep studying and practicing every day.

  5. Bradley Carouthers

    3 days in and I’ve already learned more than other training programs where I’ve put months in. Her teaching style is both efficient and effective.

    Edit: Now on day 29 and the course has held up my expectations and hopes. The rise in complexity is not too sharp, and every day feels like an accomplishment. Angela takes her time to explain things without rushing, yet is able to pack tons of information in nuggets of time.

    Still recommend supplemental exposure for a more wholesome grasp. Though, this should be quite enough

  6. Tommy Prévost

    Very good course.

    PROs: lots of coding exercises, clear explanations, great examples, adapted to 2021’s reality.

    CONs: past the first 30 lessons, many similar coding hands-on.

  7. Quang Tu

    I love all the lectures and challenges of this course. I finally find myself in love with coding. This is definitely a fun course. Thank you Angela for this great course.

  8. Fortunate Eze

    This course is nothing short of AMAZING. The level of love and sincere desire to see students succeed present in this course is a rare sight. This course is fun, it’s challenging, it’s suspense-filled, it makes you feel good about yourself solving those challenges. You don’t take this course and memorise codes, you take it and you know what you’re doing because you literally do it yourself.

    It couldn’t possibly be any more obvious that Angela brought out her whole heart, time, energy and resources to give us a course that if priced based on it’s value, many of us certainly can’t afford. I mean, she kept advising and encouraging us to keep going, because she knows the road could get bumpy, she made a few jokes and used funny animations so we smile along the way keeping it fun. Why some people can’t see this and would rather subscribe to trying to bend courses to fit their own personal preferences is beyond me, but I guess people will always be people.

    Dear Angela, I cannot speak for everyone but I certainly can speak for myself and I’m saying thank you. The efforts you put into making this course outstanding didn’t go unnoticed.

    Let as many of us as appreciate your efforts make you happy and energize you to create more life changing courses for us.


  9. Chendaniel

    Just the course fits me. Learn by doing, it is easy to start and just follow the flow and at day 15 you realized how to program in Python. Then the magic happen. I am on day 27 and I am looking forward to start a new section everyday.

  10. Caspar Cheng

    Angela is my favourite teacher on Udemy, her courses always come with clear and concise demonstration, make it really easy to understand the content. Meanwhile, she also provide a lot of tips to encourage us moving further on the way of coding. I’m definitely a super fan of her. I had finished her web development boot camp and now I’m learning Python 100 days of code. This course is amazing as she provided one particular project for each day’s learning, which is, really useful and handy. Also, those projects are really interesting and won’t let me feel disappointed about myself. Although some of them are a little bit difficult, they’re still resolvable after some struggling and searching online. I’ll recommend this course for those who really want to learn Python well and write real python projects from scratch!

  11. Jonas Weber

    The course was awesome in the first half! Really helped me to get back to programming and learning new techniques. Also the course got way to much focused on web development in the second half, which I’m not really interested in and is redundand to your dedicated web development course. The lack of videos in the last quarter was rather sad. I really would’ve liked some video explanations for pandas and matplotlib. The challenges and capstone projects were great and challenging!
    All in all I can really recommend this course for beginners and those who want to learn python and/or get back to programming!

  12. Rohit Prasad

    Angela is the best teacher I have ever experienced. The way she explains all the topics and makes use of it in the projects is commendable. Thank you so much Angela for this course.

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