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Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Made Simple

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4.88 (12 reviews)


What you’ll learn

  • How to simplified the head into basic shapes so you can drawing it more easily
  • How to draw the head from different angles to create more dynamic portraits
  • How to make your head drawing more 3D so that it leaps from the page
  • Understanding the rules of lighting in order to make your drawing look realistic
  • Understanding the basic anatomy of each of the facial features so you can draw them better
  • A simple step-by-step process for drawing a realistic portrait from start to finish
  • And a whole lot more!

This portrait drawing course will teach you how to draw beautiful, realistic portraits that capture the subject’s likeness.

What makes this course unique from all the others out there, is how it breaks down the complex topic of portrait drawing into manageable concepts and step-by-step exercises.  

You’ll begin by learning simple concepts and practicing basic drawing exercises. As your hand dexterity and understanding improve, the lessons will gradually increase in difficulty until, by the end of the course, you will have drawn your every one realistic portrait. Even if you are a beginner with no drawing experience, you’ll find the lessons and exercises easy to understand and enjoyable, while still learning critical drawing skills.  

Key things you will learn:

  • How to simplify the head into basic shapes so you can draw it more easily

  • How to draw the head from different angles to create more dynamic portraits

  • How to draw the planes of the head in order to create a three-dimensional effect

  • Understanding the rules of lighting in order to make your drawing look realistic 

  • Understanding the basic anatomy of each of the facial features so you can draw them better

  • A simple step-by-step process for drawing a realistic portrait from start to finish

  • And a whole lot more!


  • Reference photos and hi-resolution scans of all finished drawings

Course Overview

This course is divided into 5 sections. 

The first section is going to primarily focus on how to draw the head freehand. You’ll learn about the very powerful Loomis Method and how to use to it draw a simplified head in the front, 3/4, and side view. 

Then we’ll learn how to draw this same head and neck in more dynamic angles like the front view tilted down and up and 3/4 view tilted down and up. This will help you understand how the head is affected by perspective and allow you to tackle many different portrait positions. 

Next, you’ll learn about the proportions of the head and features and how to place them on the face. This knowledge will become very useful in the next section where we’ll build upon the Loomis Method to construct a more three-dimensional head. 

Again, we’ll cover all the different angles like the front, 3/4, and side view. As well as the more dynamic positions. 

OK, by now, you should be pretty comfortable with the overall structure of the head and in the third section, we’ll cover the fundamentals of realistic shading. You’ll learn about the 5 Elements of Shading and how to combine them to create a three-dimensional look. And you’ll also learn about the 4 Different Types of Edges and the Rules of Realism and how to use them to add interest to your drawings. Then we’ll combine all these concepts and techniques in a drawing exercise. 

Now, all these shading skills you’ve just learned will become very useful in the fourth section where you’ll learn to draw each of the facial features. 

First, you’re going to learn about the anatomy of the feature and point out little tips and details that you need to pay attention to. Then we’ll apply everything we’ve just learned in a step-by-step drawing exercise. You’ll see how to take the drawing from a basic lay-in all the way to a complete realistic finish. 

And we’re going to do this for all the features: eye, nose, lips, ear, and hair. 

Finally in the fifth section, once you’re comfortable with drawing all the features, we’ll combine everything together and draw a complete portrait from start to finish. Even at this stage, you’ll be learning some new techniques like how to use Triangulation to keep your lay-in accurate, how to accentuate the shadow to make the portrait more dramatic, how to stylize your drawing to add more interest, and so on. 

Who Is This Course For?

As the name suggests, this course is very beginner-friendly. I designed it to help beginning artists learn portrait drawing as quickly and effectively as possible. 

We start out by developing the simplest skills first and then gradually add on to them so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. All the concepts and techniques are throughout explained and I never just assume any knowledge on the part of the student. 

Also, I know that draw free-hand can be a bit challenging for some beginners so, in some of the drawing exercises, I offer additional approaches that you can use as a guide. 

So, yeah, if you’re a beginning artist who wants to learn portraiture, then this course is definitely for you. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate to advanced portrait drawing artist, then this course is probably not for you. 

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start drawing beautiful portraits today!

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who is interested in learning how to draw beautiful, realistic portraits.

Course content

  • Drawing the Simplified Head
  • The Planes of the Head
  • The Rules of Realism
  • Drawing the Features
  • Final Portrait Drawing

12 reviews for Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Made Simple

  1. Luis Brito

    I can definitely see this course helping breaking through that initial barrier when it comes to learning a programming language. I’m positive I’ll finish it and hopefully master python by then.

  2. Abdallah Galal Abouhussein

    I would like to share my personnel experience, i`m very pleased and happy for taking this impressive course because Dr. Angela always makes it simple and easy to understand and always makes a precaution section before or after any bug that may appear to some students and also write or record the solution for us, and each word she said is very real and easy to understand.
    Thanks Dr. Angela
    Abdallah Galal

  3. Jiaqing Fan

    Very good course. Dr Angela explains things very clearly. The exercises are interactive and helpful.

    Angela’s voice is like ASMR in most lessons. So you won’t lose focus?

  4. Jaime Sánchez Blanco

    Every concept is very well explained so you can assimilate it, and the teacher insists in practicing daily to get the habit of programming. It really motivates to keep studying and practicing every day.

  5. Bradley Carouthers

    3 days in and I’ve already learned more than other training programs where I’ve put months in. Her teaching style is both efficient and effective.

    Edit: Now on day 29 and the course has held up my expectations and hopes. The rise in complexity is not too sharp, and every day feels like an accomplishment. Angela takes her time to explain things without rushing, yet is able to pack tons of information in nuggets of time.

    Still recommend supplemental exposure for a more wholesome grasp. Though, this should be quite enough

  6. Tommy Prévost

    Very good course.

    PROs: lots of coding exercises, clear explanations, great examples, adapted to 2021’s reality.

    CONs: past the first 30 lessons, many similar coding hands-on.

  7. Quang Tu

    I love all the lectures and challenges of this course. I finally find myself in love with coding. This is definitely a fun course. Thank you Angela for this great course.

  8. Fortunate Eze

    This course is nothing short of AMAZING. The level of love and sincere desire to see students succeed present in this course is a rare sight. This course is fun, it’s challenging, it’s suspense-filled, it makes you feel good about yourself solving those challenges. You don’t take this course and memorise codes, you take it and you know what you’re doing because you literally do it yourself.

    It couldn’t possibly be any more obvious that Angela brought out her whole heart, time, energy and resources to give us a course that if priced based on it’s value, many of us certainly can’t afford. I mean, she kept advising and encouraging us to keep going, because she knows the road could get bumpy, she made a few jokes and used funny animations so we smile along the way keeping it fun. Why some people can’t see this and would rather subscribe to trying to bend courses to fit their own personal preferences is beyond me, but I guess people will always be people.

    Dear Angela, I cannot speak for everyone but I certainly can speak for myself and I’m saying thank you. The efforts you put into making this course outstanding didn’t go unnoticed.

    Let as many of us as appreciate your efforts make you happy and energize you to create more life changing courses for us.


  9. Chendaniel

    Just the course fits me. Learn by doing, it is easy to start and just follow the flow and at day 15 you realized how to program in Python. Then the magic happen. I am on day 27 and I am looking forward to start a new section everyday.

  10. Caspar Cheng

    Angela is my favourite teacher on Udemy, her courses always come with clear and concise demonstration, make it really easy to understand the content. Meanwhile, she also provide a lot of tips to encourage us moving further on the way of coding. I’m definitely a super fan of her. I had finished her web development boot camp and now I’m learning Python 100 days of code. This course is amazing as she provided one particular project for each day’s learning, which is, really useful and handy. Also, those projects are really interesting and won’t let me feel disappointed about myself. Although some of them are a little bit difficult, they’re still resolvable after some struggling and searching online. I’ll recommend this course for those who really want to learn Python well and write real python projects from scratch!

  11. Jonas Weber

    The course was awesome in the first half! Really helped me to get back to programming and learning new techniques. Also the course got way to much focused on web development in the second half, which I’m not really interested in and is redundand to your dedicated web development course. The lack of videos in the last quarter was rather sad. I really would’ve liked some video explanations for pandas and matplotlib. The challenges and capstone projects were great and challenging!
    All in all I can really recommend this course for beginners and those who want to learn python and/or get back to programming!

  12. Rohit Prasad

    Angela is the best teacher I have ever experienced. The way she explains all the topics and makes use of it in the projects is commendable. Thank you so much Angela for this course.

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