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JavaScript Projects Games 55 Modern Dynamic Interactive web

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4.88 (12 reviews)


What you’ll learn

  • Perfect to get started with JavaScript – loaded with starter projects to get you coding
  • Master the DOM (document object model)
  • Modular learning sections with over 50 real world projects with pure JavaScript sing DOM interaction.
  • Explore how you can learn JavaScript while building FUN real world JavaScript projects from Scratch
  • How to use JavaScript and how JavaScript works behind the scenes
  • Explore JavaScript Document Object Model Make interactive and Dynamic Web Pages
  • Manipulate elements using JavaScript – Bring your web pages to LIFE with JavaScript
  • How to create elements dynamically and more – With Games and Amazing Projects to Build
  • Develop Basic JavaScript Skills variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.
  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer
  • JavaScript and programming fundamentals: variables, boolean logic, if/else, loops, functions, arrays, etc.
  • Wow create real-world apps with both ES5 and ES6+
  • Modern JavaScript for 2020
  • Source Code include – Build YOUR own version of the app TODAY
  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer

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Modern JavaScript 2020 – Wow 50+ Hours of HD Video and over 55 Pure JavaScript Projects

Modular learning sections with over 55+ real world projects with pure JavaScript using DOM interaction….

Perfect JavaScript Course for absolutely EVERYONE – Learn how to create over 55 fun real world projects using just JavaScript – no libraries.  Amazing unique starter projects that are perfect to build upon and explore how JavaScript Works.  You can build over 50 projects and supercharge your portfolio – Start NOW.

Master the DOM (document object model)

BIGGEST JavaScript Course – MOST COMPLETE COURSE to learn Web Based JavaScript and Have FUN!!!!

Loaded with CONTENT – Projects that are unique and FUN to build –

RealWorld projects – modern JavaScript – Supercharge your portfolio – JavaScript game programming

Perfect for your portfolio JavaScript applications – Build projects in JavaScript

Learn more about JavaScript and how JavaScript ES6 can be applied to create amazing JavaScript projects.  Course is loaded with JavaScript Examples and perfect JavaScript for Beginners to learn more about JavaScript Online.  Writing JavaScript Code using vanilla JavaScript – no libraries no tricks this JavaScript tutorial the JavaScript Course will walk you through creating your own JavaScript code and provide many JavaScript Code Snippets for use in JavaScript programming.  Learn JavaScript with this step by step JavaScript Course.

Super Charge your portfolio – upon completion of this course you will have a wide range of mini applications that you can use in a portfolio to showcase your skills…..   

– Source code is included – projects are designed as starter projects for you can continue to build them out and make some really cool STUFF!!!

– Use the sections to create your own code versions that can be used anywhere to help showcase your skills.   Most employers are looking for how you apply code and this is a great place to get ideas and build projects

Build FUN projects including games and more that will help you learn and develop your creative juices to maximize learning JavaScript and Applying JavaScript!!!!

This is a one of kind course – to get you coding JavaScript includes all the functional skills lessons to learn the basics and then project to practice and apply what you learned.  Complete JavaScript course for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript.

4 BONUS eBook PDF included…. with definitions resources and examples….  and challenges

Try the projects have fun while learning.

Grow your portfolio – showcase what you can build with JavaScript

Learn JavaScript have fun with interactive and dynamic web applications.

  • Over 546 downloadable resources – 58 articles – 50+ hours on-demand video, 57 Sections

  • Over 614 HD video lessons

  • Over 51+ projects and web applications.  Projects can be used as started projects to extend and enhance.  All JavaScript focused.

  • 4 downloadable ebook guides 200 pages and 3 x 60 pages – with code and resource links


This is the course you’ve been looking for……….

Everything you need to get started with JavaScript, expand your knowledge about using JavaScript, and more included.

It’s arrived, and bigger than expected!!!

For anyone who wants to supercharge their JavaScript learning – building and applying JavaScript to over 50 projects and challenges… this course is for YOU!!!!

From JavaScript beginners to all levels, course is presented in a fun interactive format that will challenge you. Move through the lessons of the course as you want to learn them, variety of ways to benefit from it. Learn alongside, try before you see the solution, try after you view the solution. It’s up to you! Unique format for learning encouraging you to try the code. Of course source code is included in every step of the way.

Most often asked for ARE PROJECTS – and this course delivers! Over 50 and will grow over time as more projects and challenges get added. You can select the projects you want to do or take them in order, it’s up to you.

Loaded with games and so many mini projects guaranteed to help you learn more about JavaScript and DOM manipulation. All JavaScript code no libraries or short cuts.

Explore how to apply JavaScript to create interactive and dynamic web content – that will impress your friends.

Extend on the projects and add them to your portfolio, to showcase skills you have learned.

Useful real world projects coded with simple JavaScript for developers of all levels.

No better way to learn than to try the code and produce something fun and useful with it. Learn to create amazing things with JavaScript bringing your web content to life.

This will keep you busy and provide you the opportunity to learn and experiment with code. Try it. All the projects are designed in a starter type format so that you can build on them and customize to make it your own.

Only on Udemy – you won’t find it anywhere else 🙂

Portfolio Builder 50+ projects

PLUS – All the JavaScript and programming fundamentals: things like variables, data types, boolean logic, if/else statements, loops, functions, objects, arrays, and more.

This course includes full introduction to coding with JavaScript, all core syntax and how to apply it to make things happen.  Create your own code – loaded with challenges and code snippets.

Includes 2 downloadable ebook guides – over 250 pages. +++++ BONUS CONTENT

Over 50 Projects to try and see how JavaScript can be applied in the REAL WORLD – perfect to practice JavaScript, Challenge yourself, and see JavaScript in action.  Supercharge your portfolio by trying and applying your own version of the projects.  This is an excellent way to showcase a wide variety of code snippets and see it in action.

Step by step learning with challenges within the lectures and of course SOURCE CODE is included.  There are over 400 downloadable code snippets to keep you busy.

Modular course design so that you can take lessons sequentially or skip to the ones most interesting and on projects you want to learn first.  Take a few do them all, its up to you!

Variety of code with several approaches to get you more familiar with JavaScript.

Learning approach is to demonstrate the code and then have you try it!

What you will learn…..

Course Introduction : Welcome to the course, how to guide

  • JavaScript fundamentals : Getting started with JavaScript.  4 Challenges, 202 Page Ebook, Resources, Code Examples

  • JavaScript DOM : JavaScript Document Object Model creating interactive and dynamic content with JavaScript.  4+ Challenges, 60 page Ebook, resources, code examples.

  • JavaScript Advanced : Covering using JavaScript methods like Date, Fetch, xHR, string methods and more.  Comes with 60+ page guide 3+ Challenges, resources, code examples.

  • Tip Calculator : Use Math to calculate a value.  Get an input from the user and use it in the calculation.  Update the HTML to show the final value.

  • Welcome messages : Get input value and output to the screen a welcome message to the users name that is entered into the input field.

  • Dynamically changing message : Uses value to show different messages. Customized message using JavaScript dependent on time of day

  • Coin Toss Application : Coin Toss Application – is it heads or tails JavaScript.  Simple VS game you against the computer.

  • Rock Paper Scissors Game : Who wins ??? Rock Paper Scissors. Paper > Rock > Scissors > Paper > Rock. Pick one at random – see who wins

  • Ultimate Dice Game : Apply game logic and flow making a JavaScript Dice Game.  Highest rolls wins you vs the computer

  • Play audio files and sounds : Create interactive audio using JavaScript. Click a button play an mp3 file.

  • JavaScript Dynamic Typing Test : Create an interactive typing test for web users with JavaScript code.  Random Phrases for typing test. Checks for errors counts errors in words

  • Functionator Function practice : Learn and explore more about functions.  Select movement by key presses, run the sequence of movements.   Remove movements by click on the step.

  • Magic Eight Ball JavaScript : Magic 8 Ball – find out the answer to your questions. Getting data from input field outputting a random response.

  • Combination guesser Game : Can you guess the secret combination. Random combinations. Provides feedback when wrong value is selected – Blue guess was low – Red guess was high – Green guess was correct. No HTML elements all JavaScript created

  • Word Scramble – guess the word : JavaScript arrays – randomize array contents Element selection and manipulation of DOM content.  Simple random word scramble – check if the input matches the random word

  • Countdown Timer : Countdown Timer – Pick a date and see how much time is left with a dynamically updating counter.  Local Storage to store end time. Time Interval and clear for website updates

  • Pattern matching game : Pattern matching game Use of JavaScript to setup game board grid.  Watch a sequence of light up colors.  Click the colors in the same sequence to progress.

  • Click Popper Game : Create a fun interactive DOM based game with JavaScript.  Click only + items as they show up, see how much you can score in the time provided.

  • High Low Card Game : Create an interactive simple card game which the user needs to select either higher or lower guesses on the following cards using the current card as the value. Build a deck of cards array and objects construction. Create elements. Add style and CSS.  Random cards. Check win/loss

  • Click Shape Game : Random shapes appear on screen the objective is the user needs to click them quickly.  JavaScript mini game using the DOM for element updates and manipulation. Only JavaScript to style and create elements

  • Word Finding Game : Word scrambler. Hover over the red boxes to find scrambled words.  Click the one that matches the select this word value.

  • JavaScript Car Game : Drive your car avoid the other cars.  Use the keyboard to move the car element.  Random movement of other cars.  Use of RequestAnimationFrame . Movement of element on Keypress. Element manipulation CSS and Style.  Check Collision Detection

  • Input field Character counter : DOM selection and manipulation with input fields and updating getting values from form inputs using JavaScript.  Turn red when the max number of characters is reached.

  • Element Scrolling Content Code Snippet : Apply JavaScript to select elements and event triggers.  Use JavaScript to move element contents, track position of element and mouse.   Update scroll speed.

  • Fun with the Document Object Model : clone elements – update element style and move elements.   Random Color Generator.   Create elements, move elements, remove elements.

  • Just JavaScript Click Counter : Build content using JavaScript Only count user clicks on dynamically created elements.  Create elements and add style all using JavaScript.

  • Image popup window : JavaScript event listeners on images.  Once clicked image shows in div and rest of the screen is darkened.   Close the div send back to hidden.

  • JavaScript Word Guessing Hangman game : Create a dynamic and interactive game from scratch.  Create interactive letter buttons, dynamically. Random word from an array.  Check for letters in word show results with feedback visually.   

  • JavaScript Modal Popup Example : Create interactive popup windows using JavaScript Manipulate elements using JavaScript.   Shows modal content in element, darkens the rest of page content.

  • Image Carousel JavaScript animated slideshow application : Interval timeout creating elements using JavaScript.  Animated and interactive image slideshow changes images and text.

  • Star Rating project : Event triggers update element classes.  Change styling on hover and on click.  Store results and display to the user.

  • Plane Bomber game : Apply JavaScript to  create an interactive game.  Keyboard events tracking and movement of elements.  Collision Detection of elements.  Press spacebar to drop elements on…

12 reviews for JavaScript Projects Games 55 Modern Dynamic Interactive web

  1. Luis Brito

    I can definitely see this course helping breaking through that initial barrier when it comes to learning a programming language. I’m positive I’ll finish it and hopefully master python by then.

  2. Abdallah Galal Abouhussein

    I would like to share my personnel experience, i`m very pleased and happy for taking this impressive course because Dr. Angela always makes it simple and easy to understand and always makes a precaution section before or after any bug that may appear to some students and also write or record the solution for us, and each word she said is very real and easy to understand.
    Thanks Dr. Angela
    Abdallah Galal

  3. Jiaqing Fan

    Very good course. Dr Angela explains things very clearly. The exercises are interactive and helpful.

    Angela’s voice is like ASMR in most lessons. So you won’t lose focus?

  4. Jaime Sánchez Blanco

    Every concept is very well explained so you can assimilate it, and the teacher insists in practicing daily to get the habit of programming. It really motivates to keep studying and practicing every day.

  5. Bradley Carouthers

    3 days in and I’ve already learned more than other training programs where I’ve put months in. Her teaching style is both efficient and effective.

    Edit: Now on day 29 and the course has held up my expectations and hopes. The rise in complexity is not too sharp, and every day feels like an accomplishment. Angela takes her time to explain things without rushing, yet is able to pack tons of information in nuggets of time.

    Still recommend supplemental exposure for a more wholesome grasp. Though, this should be quite enough

  6. Tommy Prévost

    Very good course.

    PROs: lots of coding exercises, clear explanations, great examples, adapted to 2021’s reality.

    CONs: past the first 30 lessons, many similar coding hands-on.

  7. Quang Tu

    I love all the lectures and challenges of this course. I finally find myself in love with coding. This is definitely a fun course. Thank you Angela for this great course.

  8. Fortunate Eze

    This course is nothing short of AMAZING. The level of love and sincere desire to see students succeed present in this course is a rare sight. This course is fun, it’s challenging, it’s suspense-filled, it makes you feel good about yourself solving those challenges. You don’t take this course and memorise codes, you take it and you know what you’re doing because you literally do it yourself.

    It couldn’t possibly be any more obvious that Angela brought out her whole heart, time, energy and resources to give us a course that if priced based on it’s value, many of us certainly can’t afford. I mean, she kept advising and encouraging us to keep going, because she knows the road could get bumpy, she made a few jokes and used funny animations so we smile along the way keeping it fun. Why some people can’t see this and would rather subscribe to trying to bend courses to fit their own personal preferences is beyond me, but I guess people will always be people.

    Dear Angela, I cannot speak for everyone but I certainly can speak for myself and I’m saying thank you. The efforts you put into making this course outstanding didn’t go unnoticed.

    Let as many of us as appreciate your efforts make you happy and energize you to create more life changing courses for us.


  9. Chendaniel

    Just the course fits me. Learn by doing, it is easy to start and just follow the flow and at day 15 you realized how to program in Python. Then the magic happen. I am on day 27 and I am looking forward to start a new section everyday.

  10. Caspar Cheng

    Angela is my favourite teacher on Udemy, her courses always come with clear and concise demonstration, make it really easy to understand the content. Meanwhile, she also provide a lot of tips to encourage us moving further on the way of coding. I’m definitely a super fan of her. I had finished her web development boot camp and now I’m learning Python 100 days of code. This course is amazing as she provided one particular project for each day’s learning, which is, really useful and handy. Also, those projects are really interesting and won’t let me feel disappointed about myself. Although some of them are a little bit difficult, they’re still resolvable after some struggling and searching online. I’ll recommend this course for those who really want to learn Python well and write real python projects from scratch!

  11. Jonas Weber

    The course was awesome in the first half! Really helped me to get back to programming and learning new techniques. Also the course got way to much focused on web development in the second half, which I’m not really interested in and is redundand to your dedicated web development course. The lack of videos in the last quarter was rather sad. I really would’ve liked some video explanations for pandas and matplotlib. The challenges and capstone projects were great and challenging!
    All in all I can really recommend this course for beginners and those who want to learn python and/or get back to programming!

  12. Rohit Prasad

    Angela is the best teacher I have ever experienced. The way she explains all the topics and makes use of it in the projects is commendable. Thank you so much Angela for this course.

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